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The Queen Katharine Academy offers students a broad and well-balanced academic curriculum which is relevant and appropriate. There are also a range of more vocational subjects open to students.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)

The majority of students will start in the mainstream curriculum where they will study English, Mathematics, Science, PE, Computer Science, Design Technology, Geography, History, Humanities/ PSHE, Spanish, Art and Drama. Music and Dance will be studied for half the academic year each.

Some students join the school not secondary ready with results from their Key Stage 2 assessments which suggest they will need more support to be able to access the mainstream curriculum. Other students come to the Queen Katharine Academy without having studied at another primary or secondary school in the UK. They may need some support in developing their linguistic and language skills to be able to access the mainstream curriculum. Students will only stay within the support curriculum until they are able to access the mainstream curriculum.

Those in the support curriculum will spend up to half their time in the following subjects Mathematics, Science, PE, Design Technology, Art and Drama. Music and Dance will be studied for half the academic year each. Students will study aspects of English, Computer Science, Geography, History, Humanities/ PSHE through the support curriculum.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

At Key Stage 4, students study subjects in the core curriculum which includes English Literature and Language, Mathematics, Science, PE and Humanities. This occupies 60% of a timetable in Year 10 and 11. Students then choose up to 4 subjects as their options.  

Sixth Form

In Sixth Form, the majority of students start an A Level programme of study at Level 3. This includes a wide range of subjects. Students will need to have achieved the equivalent of 6 A*-C or 4-9 grades in their GCSEs or equivalent. Most students study 4 A level subjects.

Those students who have not achieved the number of GCSEs to start A Levels but have mainly D or grade 3s then there is a Level 2 Pathway. Here they start their first year in Sixth Form studying level 2 qualifications including BTECs which are equivalent to GCSEs. Having achieved a higher grade often they move on to 2 years of A level study.

Please note that studying English and Maths is compulsory for those who obtained below a C grade or grade 4 at GCSE as we are committed to helping our students to leave The Queen Katharine Academy in a position to be ready for further education opportunities and for the workplace.