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Trust Governance Arrangements

The Thomas Deacon Education Trust (TDET) is the legal entity which promotes and sponsors Academies within the Group. The Trust has established a clear organisational structure with identified lines of accountability and reporting for all its operations. This includes defining the responsibilities of the Trust Board and those responsibilities delegated to its committees and officers within the Trust.

Scheme of Delegation

The responsibilities of the Board and its sub-committees are set out in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation. The Trust Board has agreed Terms of Reference for each sub-committee.

Academy Committee Body

Each Academy within the Trust has an Academy Committee (AC) that provides oversight at a local level. The remit and terms of reference are established by the Trust Board and meet at least 6 times a year.

The Academy Committee has Three Key Roles

To provide a strategic view of where the Academy is heading
To act as a critical friend to the Academy
To hold the Academy to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides

Membership of the AC includes the Academy Principal, parents and other members of the community with skills suited to undertaking the key roles outlined above.

Governance at QKA

The Board of Governors are:

  • Bernard Barker – Chair of Governors
  • Simon Martin
  • Tom Baldwin
  • David Anderson
  • Dawn Bendall
  • Clare Scott
  • Cherry Crowley
  • Petr Torak