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Tuesday5th June 2018: Introduction to Dyspraxia

Tuesday 5th June 2018: Introduction to Dyspraxia

Local Authority Specialist Teacher for children with Physical Disabilities presented an “Introduction to Dyspraxia” to a small group of teachers and parents on Tuesday 5th June. The session provided a great insight into the difficulties that children with dyspraxia might face at school but also in their day-to-day life. An insightful video from a young person with dyspraxia, highlighted effective strategies that could increase accessibility of learning tasks and ensure an inclusive education environment.
The co-occurring nature of specific learning difficulties was reinforced and it was interesting to learn that many young people are likely to experience a range of difficulties associated with dyspraxia, dyslexia and dyscalculia, rather than fit the profile of one SpLD.
Dyspraxia Foundation: