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Youth Voice Weekend

At the beginning of December Peterborough City Council held a really successful youth voice training weekend.

The new young leaders of Peterborough were nominated by their schools to come together to share ideas, make friends and develop their leadership skills.  Students from 16 secondary schools and colleges attended the weekend and as well as learning skills, this event really brought young people together from all over the city.

Over the weekend, the young leaders learned how to campaign, public speaking skills, communication and team building and also how to negotiate and influence.  The feedback was really positive from the students and they all seemed to really enjoy themselves.  The positive attitude and commitment to represent their peers was fantastic and all the students contributed brilliantly and had a go at everything!

Moving forward, our new young leaders are going to be involved in the Peterborough Youth Council, the Young Commissioners and the Interfaith Forum, which will be groups in which they can represent the voices of young people across the city.  Furthermore, some students will be standing for the next Youth MP in Peterborough. 

It is hoped all of the schools will take part in this exciting event.  In a recent national survey (Make Your Mark), young people stated that they wanted to see more politics in their curriculum and supporting the Youth MP elections for Peterborough could be an exciting way to achieve this.  

More information regarding the elections will follow!