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QKA Music Deparment thanks the Bailey Charity

The music department would like to thank the Bailey Charity so much for the funds that were made available to the Queen Katharine Academy Music Department.
The money has helped us fund the launch of the first music scholarship programme at the school. 

Our scholarship programme has been incredibly successful so far with the money funding 25 students to have a lesson on a 
stringed or woodwind instrument. 
It has also funded each student to have their own instrument loaned out to them so that they are able to take them home and practice.

The engagement that the students have had had been amazing and the teachers have spoken at how fast the students are progressing
and how much they seem to be enjoying learning an instrument.

As an extra incentive for students to engage in music within the school the money also helped fund a proposed trip to the Royal Albert Hall
to watch the ‘Classical Spectacular’ so students could hear what they could achieve with determination and hard work. This was booked, however recent events have meant that we will have to reschedule this for when it is safe to go.

We feel that the students have got so much out of leaning a new instrument.

Next year we wish to increase the scholarship to not only string and woodwind instruments, but also singing, piano, guitar and drums.

On behalf of the department I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Bailey Charity so much for the funds. 
It really is inspiring our students to get involved in music.

Students engaging in a music lesson