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Option Choices for Year 8 Students Moving To Year 9

Dear Year 8 students, 

During this time of year, you are given the opportunity to make some choices about the subjects you will study in Year 9. The Academy has these options to allow you to focus on subjects you are most interested in and ones that will support you in your future education. It is also to allow you to study these subjects in more depth in preparation for GCSEs. This will help to develop your skills and understanding to improve your access to the GCSE courses that follow in Year 10. You now have the opportunity to choose 3 subjects which you will study each for 100 minutes per week in Year 9. It is important to point out that you will not need to complete these courses as an entry requirement for your GCSEs. So even if you did not choose Music to study in Year 9, you still will be able to choose it in Year 10 as a GCSE. I have attached the Year 8 option booklet explaining what the courses are all about. 


The subjects available to choose from are:


Art and Design

Computer Science*




Food Technology

Media Studies



Textiles Design 


*Please note that all students will study Computer Science as part of their Year 9 Core Curriculum, and that choosing this option will give you an additional 100 minutes.

What do you need to do? ​

  1. First read the option booklet containing details about the courses on offer.  Discuss your choices with parent/carer as these are some important choices that you are starting to make that will impact on your future education.  
  2. If you have any questions about the courses or have any problems completing or sending the form please could you contact your tutor or the Year team (Mrs Bowles and Mrs Thomas). 
  3. Complete the interactive option form by clicking on the link below:


When do I need to do this by?


Please complete the options form by clicking on the link above by Thursday the 30th April.


​Kind regards

Mrs Bowles