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Cultural Dress / Non-Uniform day

Good morning parents/carers,


We are having a Cultural Dress / Non-Uniform Day this Friday 18th March. Our suggested donation for our students participation is £1, with the proceeds being shared between Comic Relief / Refugee Charity / Pomegranate Trust.

They will need to be in respectful dress which is appropriate for school:

  • Length of skirts should be the same length as school skirts or longer
  • No exposed midriffs
  • No offensive logos / pictures on clothing
  • No hats
  • No rips in jeans above the knee

If they do not wish to take part, they can come in their PE kit or uniform on the day.

If they have PE/Dance on this day then they must be in appropriate clothing they can complete physical activity in.

Communication has gone out to students sharing the above message. We are looking forward to seeing the array of styles, colours and designs, celebrating their individual cultures.

Kind regards

Mrs Burrows