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Reminder - Medications within school

Medicines within school

Just a gentle reminder that students are requested to leave any medication in the medical room during the day – not to carry it about with them. This is a safeguarding issue whereby it does need to be noted if anyone takes any medication whilst in school. It also avoids loss of medication or it getting into the wrong hands.

Please speak to your child about NEVER giving their medication to anyone else even if they think they have the same symptoms – they do not know what the other person may be allergic to. This is any medication – even paracetamol which students seem to think anyone can have.

On another note, any student with asthma should have an inhaler with their name on them at all times. A spare inhaler should be in the medical room in case the student forgets theirs, loses it or it runs out.

Any new medical information is always gratefully received so we can ensure your child receives the best attention required.