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QKA Trekkers Superstars!

We are back safely from our challenge; We started off at 6.30 am and completed Ingleborough by 9.00. We then descended to and completed the most challenging peak of Whernside, with temperatures rising this was incredibly challenging and pushed every team member to their absolute limit.

Our team joined together and linked to support those who found it a struggle emotionally and physically and we all completed the second peak , but it had taken its toll, and we were loosing time. Megan was amazing at the pick up’s and had water and supplies for us.

We started the final ascent Pen-Y-Ghent at around 4pm and needed to amend our route to save time, as we climbed it started to push back and we began to see our team struggling. Therefore, collectively with support from our health and safety officer(Matt) we decided to finish the challenge.

We completed 2 ½ peaks , we have raised in total about £2000 with more coming in and most importantly we have built and strong and cohesive team, our team went through so many emotions but each time there was someone there to support , whether it was carrying a rucksack, holding out a helping hand, cooking breakfast, offering nutrition or catching someone slipping. Every single person had every single person’s back.

We will return to complete Pen-Y Ghent in the near future !

Yorkshire is amazing but not as amazing as the QKA trekkers, we will be in work on Monday wearing our medals , we are stiff and sore and we cannot move very fast but we are triumphant !

Our Team of Linda, Caroline, Matt, Belinda, Liz, Susie, Bogdan, Carmen, Sergio, Janis, Ryan, Kirsty C, Julie, Olanda, Megan, Sandra & James.


Thank you for your support, if you still wish to sponsor us the link is below

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