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History in the making at QKA


Volunteer Youth Leaders for St.John Ambulance

I am thrilled to introduce our volunteer Youth Leaders for the St John Ambulance Peterborough North Division.

There has never been, in the history of St John, a division in Peterborough North and we will be starting weekly sessions in September.

The Youth Leaders met this week to work on the running of the division and to receive training materials.  They will also be giving up a whole weekend to attend 2 days of further training in July.

Their skills are many and varied as are their reasons for volunteering. Paying back to the community was one reason, another was wanting to work with young people in a positive way outside of lessons and finally wanting to teach skills for life.

Thank you Mr Lima, Mr Steadman, Mrs Wood, Ms Veldre and Ms Santos.

For more information about joining our division please go to: