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The Pomegranate Opportunities Trust is a charity that exists for the sole benefit of students who study currently at Queen Katharine Academy, Peterborough.

The purpose of The Pomegranate Opportunities Trust is to:

Promote and support opportunities that enhance the social, emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of students’ lives. Opportunities will ensure the inclusion and participation of students who would otherwise be disadvantaged.

The Trust will achieve this purpose through a programme of grants for funding from students who complete the Application Form [attached to these Guidance Notes] and whose bids are successful. The Trust aims to support as many students as possible with the limited funds available. Part funding and matched funding are encouraged. The usual level of award will be less than five hundred pounds. Students must submit the completed Application Form to one of the three Academy Coordinator Trustees.

*Please Note*

The application form will be available shortly



Everyone is eligible to apply for a grant that is in full time education at Queen Katharine Academy [part of The Thomas Deacon Education Trust].

All applications will follow a three-stage process:

  • Submit the completed Application Form to one of the Coordinator Trustees responsible for student opportunities.
  • The Coordinator Trustees will consider all applications for grants. Applications that most fully realize the purpose of The Trust will be passed to the full Board of Trustees.
  • Board of Trustees will finalize awards.



  • Read these Guidance Notes carefully, together with the Application Form. The Guidance Notes are designed to help you to make a successful application.
  • Read carefully the purpose of The Trust. The purpose will help you to decide if your project/activity satisfies the overall object of The Trust.
  • Your activity/project must be discussed and monitored/enabled/facilitated by a relevant teacher and/or parent/carer before you complete your application.
  • It is essential that all costs are identified and specified accurately on the Application Form. Successful bids for grants are paid either on-line or in cash and require your signature.  
  • If your project/activity involves another student or a group, each student must submit an application form to ensure individual costs are tracked accurately.
  • Upon completion of your project/activity you must submit a short, written report to The Trustees, explaining how the experience has benefited you.


WHAT THE TRUST WILL FUND: The Trust seeks to fund experiences that are memorable. It will fund travel; accommodation; project related costs [such as equipment and materials]; adventures and expeditions.


THE TRUST WILL NOT FUND: Academy coursework; simple holidays; Academy staff costs.




Complete the Application Form when you are confident you have discussed all aspects of your project/activity and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Three examples to guide you:


  • Duke of Edinburgh. You may wish to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh Award but struggle to pay the associated costs: membership fees; camping fees; expeditions; equipment [such as walking boots, outdoor clothing]. You could apply for a contribution either in part or in full for the costs.
  • Cadets – CCF. Joining the CCK entails costs. You may wish to join but struggle to pay the associated costs. You could apply for funding [in part or in full] to cover the cost of membership; uniform; boots; summer camp; expeditions.
  • Activities Week. You may have wished to take part in activities during Activities Week but never had the opportunity to participate. You can apply to The Pomegranate Opportunities Trust to fund in part or in full your chosen activity to make memories which may last a lifetime.




  • Trustees meet three times [autumn, spring, summer terms] to finalize requests. Emergency funding may be considered.
  • Remember: discuss your ideas with your relevant teacher and/or parent/carer.
  • Talk to one of the Coordinator Trustees if you have any questions or concerns. They can advise and help you before you give them your completed application.
  • Provide as much detail on the form as possible, especially accurate costs.
  • Attach an extra page if you cannot fit all the details on the application form.
  • You must submit a report/video/pictures on your activity/project. These may be placed on our website [with your permission] so others can share in your experience.
  • All Applications will be measured against an identical set of criteria to ensure a fair and equitable sharing of available funds.



We comply fully with all GDPR legislation and guidance. Your personal information is safe with Pomegranate Opportunities Trust. For further information, visit our website and click on the link to: Data Retention Policy.