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The Academy recognises the importance of attendance in enabling students to achieve their potential by maximising their choices, life chances and entering adulthood successfully.

The Academy is committed to working in partnership with families and other agencies in order to achieve the best outcomes for students.


We expect your child to be present and on time, every day.

If your child is not able to attend, we expect you to phone us before 9am to inform us of the reason.

We do not expect you to take leave of absence or holidays in term time. Permission will not be given for such requests.

The Academy Will

Provide a welcoming and caring environment where all members of the Academy community feel safe, secure and valued.
Regularly monitor individual students' attendance and promptly discuss concerns with parents and carers.
Contact home using ´Truancy Call´,an automated system that will inform you if your child is absent. Please ensure we have correct contact details.
Work with students, parents/carers and other agencies to try and resolve issues which are impacting on a student´s attendance.
Follow the Local Authority procedures. A consequence of this may involve parents/carers being subject to legal proceedings e.g. Fixed Penalty Notice Procedures or prosecution in the Magistrates Court.