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Business Studies:

The aim of the Business Studies, Finance and Economics Department is to develop in our students the skills, qualities, attitudes, knowledge and understanding which are valued by both employers and further education and also equip them for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life.

Students achieve above average A level grades at QKA most achieving A*-C and have left the school equipped with the analytical and evaluative skills to successfully study Business and a range of related qualifications at University including; business management, finance and accounting, human resources, law, philosophy, politics and economics. Business skills, which touch on every part of our modern society, are in high demand worldwide and are often very well paid.

The department team is made up of an experienced group of teaching staff who have a variety of backgrounds in business. The team work closely together to create a friendly working environment where each student is encouraged to be successful and maximise his/her potential.

The team consists of:

Mr D Taylor: Subject Coordinator

Mrs A Bowles: Progress Leader

Mrs G Brighton: Teacher

Mr P Wills: Teacher

Mrs Seema Joseph: Teacher


Year 10 / Year 11:

Cambridge Nationals Level 1 and 2 Certificate: Enterprise and Marketing
Students will study the following three units over two years:

  • Enterprise and marketing concepts (exam)
  • Design a business proposal: a business challenge which is studied alongside the exam and where the concepts of a business idea put into practice
  • Market and pitch a business proposal: developing, promoting and pitching a brand to an audience


Level 2 Sixth Form:

Cambridge Technicals Level 2 Certificate in Business Administration

Students will study the following three units during Year 12:

  • Principles of working in business administration
  • Understand the role of an administrator
  • Use social media for business purposes
  • Support the organisation of an event


Level 3 Sixth Form:

A level: Edexcel exam-based qualification. The course is made up of 4 themes:

  • Marketing and People
  • Managing Business Activities
  • Business Decisions and Strategy
  • Global Business

OCR Cambridge Technicals (CTEC):

Level 3 coursework/exam qualification made up of the following units

  • The business environment (exam)
  • Customers and communication
  • Business events
  • Working in a business (exam)
  • Introduction to Human Resources


Curriculum contact: Mr D Taylor