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Below are a selection of comments from parents and other members of our community in 2019.

"Of all of the schools that the Book Bus has visited I would like to say that our day at Queen Katherine was one of the most inspiring and enjoyable day that I have experienced.
Your students were, without exception impeccably behaved, polite, charming and  engaged. 
The maturity that your students showed when considering which books would engage not only themselves but others who might visit the library was not something that I have come across before and it was truly heart-warming.
We have two computers on board the bus which I use with the students but because of the fabulous behaviour of your students it was a pleasure to be able to allow them to research texts independently. 

Thank you again for inviting us and it would be an honour to ever be invited again."
April 2019

When I met with the teachers for the first time, I was surprised at how open and honest they were. They sat there quietly while I went on and on about my concerns and reassured me.

You see when I brought my child to you, they had no confidence in themselves or trust in others. You should be SO PROUD that you have made them what they are now. You have turned them to a confident young person who now thinks they can overcome anything. You have made my little unhappy child into a strong young person and I will ALWAYS be GRATEFUL to ALL of you.

June 2019

I have worked closely with this staff member over the last few years to deliver the school immunisation programme at QKA.  This staff member works tirelessly to support our team to reach as many of your students as they can.  The uptake in your school would be much lower without this persons dedication to the health and well being of your students.

June 2019

Thank you so much for organising  a wonderful Language Magician workshop on Tuesday.
Our pupils really enjoyed the session.
Your Y9 assistants were amazing and really inspired our children.

June 2019

"The tour undertaken by the [Student] clearly demonstrated the shared values of RESPECT across the school. Displays around the school showed a pride and this was reflected in the dialogue used by the [Student] as he spoke about what was important to the school as far as celebrating successes."

"The Lead Teacher reinforced the essential need to have a member of staff with the passion and drive that [They] demonstrated in order to ensure that Student Leadership is properly embedded and not purely ” lip service”. "

"RESPECT and the ethos / philosophy of ‘responsibility’ is embedded across the school. Evidence of displays, inside and outside of the classrooms demonstrates a diverse range of values which are taught, modelled and expected at all levels throughout the school."

"Students present across the school as well-mannered, polite and focussed on their learning."

"The students spoke about feeling comfortable to speak to their student leaders and as a result they all felt listened to and saw action."

June 2019

"Please can you give the Language Leaders a huge thank you from me and the year 3s they worked with.
Your students were fantastic with the children.
They were well prepared with some well thought out games and resources, they provided a brilliant model
for speaking in Spanish and many of our children said working with the Language Leaders was their favourite part of languages day. 
It would be great to have the Language Leaders in again as the children loved it."

July 2019

"As a parent I feel proud for my son to be part of the sixth form team at QKA, because during all his school years I have never heard him being so enthusiastic about a school, its teachers and the subject. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.  "

September 2019

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all other members of staff who supported the workshop delivery, it was very much appreciated and contributed greatly to the success of the day.
The behaviour and work ethos of your pupils was exceptional, all worked very hard during both the demonstration and practical phases of the workshop. In short they are a credit to your school, the staff and of course themselves. All pupils   contributed very well, were fully engaged with all activities and managed to design and build a boat that we were able to test. The majority of teams scored in excess of 100 marbles which very good, over ½ Kg of glass held afloat in a boat weighing only 5-6   gms.
Once again please thanks all those involved with the day, especially the pupils, in short they were a joy to be with and teach... I certainly had a great day at work. "

November 2019

"Dear Headteachers,

I would like to extend my personal congratulations to you following your school’s performance as part of Shakespeare Schools Festival. This would not have been possible without your hard work and support. Thank you so much from all of us here at SSF, for making the 2019 Festival happen!

I hope that your whole school community is brimming with pride, and that the Festival continues to improve confidence, resilience and communication skills for many months and years to come.

We know the Festival can be transformative and we’d love to hear how the experience is helping your students and teachers.

We will be releasing our new Impact Report in the Spring, so I will be back in touch then to share the findings from our work with your cohort. Until then please click here to read our current Impact Report.

I would love to hear your thoughts on your school’s Festival journey. Do drop me a line with any questions or comments you may have.

With very best wishes for the rest of term and thank you again for giving your students this opportunity."

November 2019