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Queen Katharine Academy - Whole School Curriculum Intent

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Our core purpose is to be an inclusive centre of educational excellence.

We achieve this through:


We want to deliver the best outcomes possible for all our students. We know the importance of fostering an aspirational and highly engaging culture for learning. We know that this needs a safe and purposeful environment. We believe in high quality teaching that leads to excellent learning every lesson, in an environment where every minute counts. This is how we drive the academic success we know all our students need. Teachers at QKA use a range of strategies to support inclusion and are empowered to create a positive climate for learning in their classrooms. We know we have a diverse intake, and it is essential that we know the students we teach well.



QKA has high expectations based on a clear knowledge and understanding of our students’ needs. Our curriculum aims to build students’ interest in their own learning and to explicitly develop their resilience, and their motivation to learn, through challenge and ambition. The curriculum is coherent and well sequenced, emphasising the key knowledge that we judge to be important and powerful, and always looking to develop cultural capital. All students are given opportunities to develop the knowledge of what they need to achieve to succeed in life. Our curriculum is literacy rich and is developed to meet the needs of our students. Our curriculum design nurtures respect, tolerance and kindness, building active citizens of the future and enables all students to flourish.



Our curriculum supports our vision to be an inclusive centre of educational excellence that enables all students to be confident, compassionate and articulate individuals with the skills to support them throughout their lives. We are an ethnically diverse school which gives us our own unique identity and our curriculum is designed to ensure that all students are able to achieve their full potential. We embrace all members of our community and celebrate diversity. QKA offers a range of academic and vocational qualifications, thus allowing students a range of opportunities to follow diverse career and educational paths once they leave the Academy. Staff and students have high expectations and strive for excellence. Our pupils will leave with a shared understanding of how to solve problems and how to have a positive impact within their local, national and global communities. They will use successes as a source of their confidence and as the foundation to make informed and aspirational choices about their future careers and lives.


For more information regarding our curriculum, please Email: or Phone: (01733) 383888