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Design and Technology is a continuously evolving Subject Area committed to helping all students achieve their full potential. Our aim is to develop creative, enquiring and resilient students that understand how and why things are designed and work the way they do. We aim to achieve this through a wide range of different and interesting projects, focusing on every aspect of Design and Technology.  

We want to inspire students to experiment, to think creatively and harness this with a sound knowledge and understanding of the available and the developing technologies to create a body of stimulating, thought provoking work that provides solutions to current problems and possibly leads to answers to, as yet, un-asked questions.

Our ambition is that our students become creators in the high tech world we live in, not merely consumers.

Key Stage 3 students follow schemes of work that develop and explore new skills in three key technology areas – Engineering, Food and Textiles – via a planned cycle that covers the National Curriculum for Design and Technology requirements.

Key Stage 4 and 5 students have the option to specialise in a single area of Design Technology.