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Trust Governance Arrangements

The Thomas Deacon Education Trust (TDET) is the legal entity which promotes and sponsors Academies within the Group. The Trust has established a clear organisational structure with identified lines of accountability and reporting for all its operations. This includes defining the responsibilities of the Trust Board and those responsibilities delegated to its committees and officers within the Trust.

Scheme of Delegation

The responsibilities of the Board and its sub-committees are set out in the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation. The Trust Board has agreed Terms of Reference for each sub-committee.

Academy Committee Body

Each Academy within the Trust has an Academy Committee (AC) that provides oversight at a local level. The remit and terms of reference are established by the Trust Board and meet at least 6 times a year.

The Academy Committee has Three Key Roles

To provide a strategic view of where the Academy is heading
To act as a critical friend to the Academy
To hold the Academy to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides

Membership of the AC includes the Academy Principal, parents and other members of the community with skills suited to undertaking the key roles outlined above.

Governance at QKA

The Board of Governors are:

  • Tom Baldwin – Chair of Governors
  • Cherry Crowley - Vice Chair
  • Simon Martin
  • David Anderson
  • Dawn Bendall
  • Jamie Carter
  • Saiqa Kausar


Pen Portraits:

Simon Martin

I am proud to be a QKA Academy Committee member. I am head teacher of a local primary school and I am committed to about ensuring children in Peterborough have the highest quality education.

It has been pleasure working with the leaders in the Academy and seeing the improvements in the academy and the success of its students. I have taken a particular interest in the progress and attainment of children at QKA who have achieved well at primary school.

Simon Martin


Tom Baldwin

I joined the Academy Committee at QKA at the end of 2018. I knew from my early teens that I wanted to share my love of words, literature and the arts in general; I also realised it was important to entertain and not be a bore! So, needing an audience to practise on, a teacher I had to be! I have worked in schools and colleges my entire professional career. After graduation, my first 10 years as a young teacher were spent in Africa and the West Indies. In the UK, I taught in grammar schools, comprehensive schools, colleges and [latterly] at university, teaching teachers.

In my last ten years [before retirement] I taught, lectured, wrote and published.

I have witnessed many changes to UK educational organisation over the years: grammar/secondary modern schools; the comprehensive school revolution; foundation schools; the growth of the academy system. Such seismic changes bring huge logistical and organisational problems. But I believe three essential elements contribute to helping young people learn and achieve their hopes and ambitions: the quality of the teacher; the size of the class; a consistent and fully resourced whole-school approach to learning whether students are streamed or taught in mixed ability groups.

QKA is a vibrant and exciting place to be, reflecting a diverse and talented population which brings a wealth of different life experiences to this area of Peterborough. One of my chief interests has been in the organisation and support of all students in these complex and challenging times. I am impressed with the range and quality of the many strategies QKA has in place for all students, from individual support systems, to an enriched curriculum and the involvement of outside agencies. I look forward to playing my part as QKA develops these strategies.

Tom Baldwin


David Anderson

I have enjoyed a long and immensely positive association with Deacon's School, which became the 'Thomas Deacon Academy' (TDA) in 2007, and more latterly with the Thomas Deacon Education Trust.

Though we lived well out of area at the time, I was delighted when my elder son won a "Technology" place at Deacon's in 2003. This paved the way for his younger sister and, eventually, his younger brother too, to follow in his footsteps and enjoy the advantages of being students at TDA.  They each achieved extremely well academically and were given every opportunity to contribute, variously, to the wider life of the school. They learned a great deal, developed, refined and honed many personal and inter-personal skills and derived immense benefit on any number of levels from their experience at TDA. The ethos of the school and the values nurtured and instilled in them there provided them with an excellent foundation for the next stage of their lives. My three 'children' are now happy, well-rounded individuals and each has gone on to be very successful in their chosen destinations.

I am pleased to maintain that link, to continue to be a part of and to contribute to the development of the TDET and to ensure this excellent legacy is sustained for other children and young people in the city, both now and in the future.

I worked in education all my professional life, both as a teacher from 1982 and, from 2001 onwards, within the School Improvement Team at the Local Authority. Among my responsibilities there, I managed and oversaw the mandatory induction period of all Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) across the city up until 2017, including that, of course, of many of the current teachers within TDET schools when they were fresh out of their training and new to the profession.  This role afforded me considerable insight into the nature of the support on offer to new staff within a great many schools. My professional experience taught me, time and time again, that the manner in which any school looks after its new recruits, arguably at the most vulnerable stage of their careers, speaks volumes about the quality of that organisation.  The scope and quality of support made available to NQTs within TDET schools was never anything less than exemplary. It follows, quite naturally in my experience, that such support and care is available to everyone within the entire organisation, something I greatly admire...

I am delighted to be a member of the Academic Committee at Queen Katharine Academy within the Thomas Deacon Education Trust. 

David Anderson


Dawn Bendall

My name is Dawn Bendall and I have been an Academy Committee Member at Queen Katharine Academy for almost 2 years. 

I have two happy children in the school, and I am a strong supporter of the school’s ethos and principles.

I enjoy being part of a team that challenges the school to perform to the best of its ability to ensure that all children leave having reached their full potential.

Dawn Bendall


Cherry Crowley

I am a retired secondary school head teacher who currently enjoys supporting Queen Katharine Academy and life with family and friends in London and North Norfolk. I joined QKA as a Academy Committee Member in March 2018.

I spent ten years as head teacher of Flegg High School in Norfolk during which time the school enjoyed success for outstanding pastoral care, enrichment and student leadership. Flegg High was Child Line’s training school for East Anglia and won acclaim for its peer support and anti- bullying strategies. Keen to pursue work that developed resilience in young people, I set up my own charity after taking early retirement in 2009. I led visits to Kenya for Norfolk teenagers where they engaged in community work and took part in student leadership training. Approximately 500 Norfolk teenagers benefitted from the charity during six years.

I am impressed by the creativity and warmth of QKA and stimulated by the rich and diverse intake the academy nurtures. I enjoy working with the staff at QKA to develop further their teaching and student initiatives.

Cherry Crowley


Jamie Carter I attended school here back when it was Walton Comprehensive. Straight after leaving school in 2002, I joined the Army and served with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment for 5 years. I deployed to Basra, Iraq in 2005 and Helmand Province, Afghanistan   in 2007. I made it as far as Lance Corporal and was sniper in my last role..
In 2008, I left the Army but had to re-enlist following the financial crash and subsequent difficulty in finding stable work. I realised at this time that I would need to get my head back in the books and study. I spent the next 8 years working at RAF Wittering   and Merville Barracks in Colchester, where I worked in armed security and studied my degree in English through the Open University.
After graduating from University, I worked in the Passport Office in Peterborough. I was accepted on the civil service graduate programme called the Fast Stream which aims to place people with potential into senior management roles.  
Whilst on the Fast Stream, I have worked at the Department for Education as the Deputy Lead of the Strategic Workforce Planning Team. I was loaned out to the Department for International Trade to help deliver a new Wellbeing Plan to help keep our negotiators   around the world happy and engaged in the run up to Brexit. I am now working from Peterborough Magistrates Court as a HR Business Partner providing strategic assistance to the National Probation Service across three counties..
I decided that it was time for me to give something back. My own experience has shown me the importance and value of a good education. It made sense for me to give up my spare time to help govern the school my two children are attending.


Saiqa Kauser

I have been in the Teaching and Learning environment since 2003, after I graduated from University. During my time in education, I have undertaken various roles including qualifying as an  Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and Lead practitioner in Mathematics. I also formed part of the Senior Leadership team focussing on improving the quality of education through teaching and learning at a leading comprehensive academy in Bradford. I have recently re-located to Peterborough where I am currently employed as a Deputy Headteacher at an independent faith school.

I joined QKA as an Academy Committee member in 2020. I am highly impressed by the  diversity and vibrant cohort at the academy. The lived experiences of the young people make QKA a truly unique secondary school within the city. The outstanding sixth form provision clearly demonstrates the positive impact a high quality, tailored teaching provision can have on pupil progress. This is an area I have a great deal of interest in given my experience with improving teaching and learning. I look forward to combining my diverse expertise with my colleagues to develop and further support the excellent initiatives currently on offer at QKA.




Ex-Officio: Lynn Mayes 


Chair of Governors: Mr Tom Baldwin


Queen Katharine Academy
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Tel: 01733 383888


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