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Vision Statement

Human and Cultural Education (HCE) encourages students to understand and  respect how people from different cultures, religions and societies relate to one another and the world in which we live.  We provide a means by which students can apply their direct experience of the world around them and extend their understanding of it in personal, local, national and global contexts.

HCE has three elements to it Personal Social Health Education (PSHE), Citizenship and Religious Studies.

The core value that underpins all of the elements and the basis of all of our lessons is respect.

Whilst ensuring students have respect for themselves and those around them we aim to develop the skills and understanding needed to equip young people to become active and tolerant citizens that make a positive contribution to their community. We strive to ensure our students know how to remain healthy, safe and equipped to deal with a variety of situations.


Key Stage Three

The following topics are taught through years 7 to 9:

Year 7

Health and Wellbeing (PSHE)

The Law (Citizenship)

Beliefs and Values (RE)

Relationships and Puberty(PSHE)

Year 8

People who have changed the world (RE)

Drugs and alcohol (PSHE)

Relationships, identity and discrimination (PSHE)

Year 9

Democracy (Citizenship)

Moral and Ethical Issues (RE)

Relationships and Sex Education (PSHE)


Key Stage Four

In Key Stage Four all students cover the following topics:


Managing Personal Finance (PSHE)

Safeguarding (PSHE)

Preparing for the World of Work (Careers)



As an option students can choose to study GCSE Citizenship Studies AQA

Years 10-11

Curriculum content:

There are 2 formal examinations both involving multiple choice, short answers, source based questions as well as extended answers.



  • Carolyn Doughton – Subject leader for HCE
  • Jo Lee – Teacher
  • Clare Roberts – Teacher