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Human and Cultural Education develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes that our students need to be confident and successful citizens.

Throughout the course students will be encouraged to challenge their own and one another’s attitudes to a number of moral, political, personal and religious  issues

This subject provides students with the skills they will need to be successful throughout their education and career.

Key Stage Three

The following topics are taught through years 7 to 9:

Year 7

Topics including: Safety and Health (PSHE)

The Law (Citizenship)

Rites of Passage (RE)

Puberty (PSHE)

An Introduction to Careers

Year 8

Substances and Risks (PSHE)

Active Citizenship (Citizenship)

People who have changed the world (RE)

Relationships (PSHE)

Moving forward with careers

Year 9

Democracy (Citizenship)

Moral and Ethical Issues (RE)

Relationships and Sex Education (PSHE)

Preparing for GCSE Choices (Careers)


Key Stage Four

In Key Stage Four all students cover the following topics:


Managing Personal Finance (PSHE)

Safeguarding (PSHE)

Preparing for the World of Work (Careers)



As an option students can choose to study GCSE Citizenship Studies OCR (9-1)

Years 10-11

Curriculum content:

Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales

Democracy and Government

The UK and the wider world

There are 3 formal examinations: multiple choice, two written papers and an assessed active citizenship project during year 2.



  • Carolyn Doughton – Subject leader with particular responsibility for PSHE and Religious Education
  • Jo Lee – Subject leader with particular responsibility for Citizenship, Careers and Religious Education