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Thank you for your interest in considering our school for your child’s secondary experience.

Please view the information we have provided to help you make this important decision.  We will liaise with our local primary schools, to support the transition of you child. If you are aware your child requires an alternative approach for their education and would benefit from a tour around the school due to special educational needs or medical requirements please contact us on  


Joining Queen Katharine Academy

Selecting the right school for your child is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever have to make. The right decision will be profoundly rewarding for your child’s future.

Here at Queen Katharine Academy we support you in ensuring that your child feels secure, happy and confident in making the move to secondary school. We have a year group system where students will have a Tutor, who will stay with them right through their secondary career. The relationship that is built is vital as it allows the Tutor to get to know the student and establishes continuity of care. Each year group has a Progress Leader and a Student Support Officer who oversee all students in the year group and monitor and track progress, attitude to learning and attendance.

Some of the opportunities we provide to enable them to be successful throughout their transition are:


  • In Preparation Day – for Year 5 students in July get to experience what life is like at QKA
  • Open Evening – for Year 5 and 6 students and parents to have a look around the academy and meet our excellent team of teachers
  • Parents Evening – in March where parents/carers of Year 6 students can receive and fill in Admission Forms, meet our excellent team of teachers, receive further information and ask any further questions
  • Our Transition Team who meet with students and teachers in their primary schools
    • Progress Leader Year 7
    • Student Support Officer Year 7
    • Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator/Child Protection Leads
  • In Rehearsal Day – for Year 6 students in July when they visit us, tour the academy, sample lessons and meet their tutors and others in their tutor group
  • Some identified students may be invited to attend extra visits in the Summer Term – we will be in touch with you if this affects your child
  • In Performance Day – the first day in September where new students have team building workshops to support them in making new friends, meet many of their teachers and feel confident in the building
  • In Touch, our online communication tool where letters and other important information is sent home – please ensure you provide an email address on your Application Form to access this and update us with any changes of personal information
  • A tutor evening in the Autumn Term to see how your child is settling in with a meeting with their tutor
  • A parents evening in the Summer Term to meet your child’s teachers and be able to discuss progress, attitude to learning and a general view about their achievement

Starting Secondary School Year 7

From 12 September at 9.00am all parents will be able to apply online for their Secondary School places for September 2021. The first round applications close on Saturday 31 October 2020.

If you miss this deadline, you will need to apply for a secondary school place as soon as possible.

All parents can visit the Local authority website

Where they will be able to:-

  • access the Secondary Admissions Booklet 2020
  • find advice on which schools require a SIF and availability to download them
  • access the Parent Portal page where they will be able to log in or create an account if they have not used the system before to apply for their child’s school place

A copy of the admissions policy can be downloaded here.