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Useful Links  - The City Council of Vienna and a Roma charity in Berlin developed a video on Coronavirus for schools. English subtitles have been added.  -  National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy

Are you a multilingual family in the UK or Ireland? How is the lockdown affecting your children's use of English and of their other language(s)? Take part in our short survey and let us know. You will also have the opportunity to enter a prize draw:

This study is being run by researchers at the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism and Bilingualism Matters@Reading at the University of Reading in collaboration with researchers from CamBilingNetwork at the University of Cambridge, UCL BiLingo at UCL, the University of Oxford and NALDIC, Mother Tongues Ireland, and We Live Language. You can find more information about taking part by clicking on the link. 

Would you like more information about being a multilingual family? Visit or follow @BMReading and @cam_biling