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The QKA Media department are dedicated to deepening our students' understanding of the wider media as it exists in the modern world. Media products are now so deeply embedded into our daily lives, and it is more important than ever that young people understand the impact these products can have on individuals and societies. It is our core mission to equip students with a range of practical production and analytical skills in various areas of the media; both so that they may better understand how the media operate and develop the skills required to undertake further study or work in the industry itself. Students have access to a broad and varied curriculum offering an overview of the media.

Key Stage 3:

Throughout the year, students will engage in a variety of media forms. They will build foundational knowledge of key media terminology and concepts, whilst building confidence in their analytical skills. Topics revolve around the key media frameworks: Media Language, Media Industry, Media Audience and Media Representation.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE Media Studies:

The school follows the OCR Media Studies course which can be found online here: 687701-specification-accredited-gcse-media-studies-j200.pdf (

Throughout the course, students will study and learn about key set media text from the exam board. Their knowledge of the key media frameworks will be applied to the set media texts, which they will be examined on at the end of their GCSE course. Students will also be provided the opportunity to showcase their creativity by creating their own media product.


Year 10 – Paper 2: Music and News.

Throughout the first year of the GCSE course, students will prioritise learning the content needed for their Media Studies Paper 2: Music and News. They will apply specific frameworks to each text. This includes the following:

  • Radio: BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge
  • Music Videos: Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi and Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag
  • Magazine: MOJO
  • Newspaper: The Observer
  • Social Media: The Observer social media pages and websites

Students will be assessed internally throughout the year to monitor progress and will complete a practice end of year examination. Towards the end of the year, students will begin their non-examined assessment coursework piece, where they will respond to a set design brief. This is released on 1st March every year.


Year 11 – Paper 1: Television and Promoting Media

In the final year of their course, students will learn content for Paper 1 Television and Promoting Media. Alongside this, students will be completing their coursework ready for submission by October. Intervention sessions will be available after-school, to support students with meeting the deadline. Content covered in Paper 1 still revolves around the media framework. The set products are:

  • Television: Vigil S1E1 and The Avengers S4E2 ‘The Gravediggers’
  • Film: The Lego Movie
  • Advertising and Marketing: The Lego Movie – Film Posters and UK Trailer
  • Video Games: The Lego Movie



  • Students would benefit from having access to the internet outside of school and the use of technological devices. However, this is not compulsory.
  • There is no expectation or requirement for students/guardians to purchase any textbooks. However if you choose to purchase, the following books are recommended:

My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE (9–1) Media Studies Second Edition: Hodder Education

Please ensure you are purchasing the SECOND EDITION.



Key Stage 5:

Year 1 - AS Media Studies:

Students will build on their foundational knowledge from English and Media Studies to look at media in further detail. We continue teaching the OCR Specification which can be found here: AS Level Media Studies H009 Specification (

Students will apply the media framework to more set products from the exam board, whilst also completing their coursework. The course is weighted at 70% exam and 30% coursework. The set products include key areas of media: Television, Radio, Music, Magazines, Newspapers, Social Media and Film. 

Year 2 – A-Level Media Studies:

In their final year of Media Studies, we continue with the OCR specification, which can be found here: A Level Media Studies H409 Specification ( Students will revise some of the media products from Year 12 whilst also applying the framework to new media texts, including a new unit on Advertising and Marketing. There is a total of 2 examinations weighted at 35% and the final coursework production piece making up 30% of the final grade.

Students can use the skills developed and learnt throughout the course outside of school. This course particularly compliments other subjects such as English Language, Creative Arts and Business.




If you require any further information regarding any elements of the course, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Josephine DeGaris: Head of English, Media and Drama –

Madiya Iqbal: Media Studies Coordinator and Media/English teacher -

Michelle O’Neill: Media Studies and English Teacher -

Nicola Daintith: Literacy Coordinator and Drama/Media/English teacher -

Tina Allen: Head of Drama and Drama/Media/English teacher: -

Ryan Gooderham: Media/Drama/English teacher: -