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Optional Transition Projects

QKA New Year 7 Treasure Hunt! 

You have been sent an information pack in the post which includes our optional summer transition challenges.

Please click on the link below to access our virtual tour which has some of the answers to the Treasure Hunt. You will also be able to find out the answers on our website - particularly our 'Admissions and Transition' section.

Don't forget to write your answers on the answer sheet and bring it on your first day.

Those students who achieve 75% or above will gain their first achievement   point - good luck! 

Click this link to download the Treasure hunt Quiz worksheet

Our staff have been thinking of what projects you could be doing to help you transition to year 7 in their subjects.

Click on the links below to bring up challenges and optional tasks.


Subject Projects
Accelerated Curriculum AC 1
English English 1
Reading Challenge
Geography Geography 1
History History 1
Human and Cultural Education HCE 1
Maths Maths 1
Photography Photography Competition Summer 2021
Science Science 1