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Parent & Community Comments

Below are a selection of comments from parents and other members of our community.


December 2021

Dear Ms

I would just like to say how happy [We both are] receiving the letter from QKA in recognition of being one of the top students for this term.  [She] amazes me with her attitude towards her peers and to her school work. 

Please could you pass my thanks on to her teachers.

Thank you again.

I had such a lovely surprise today when a student presented me with the beautiful cakes she had made.

How thoughtful, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your kindness.

They look very professional – presented in that posh box.

I really love it when students tell me they have been making food – even better when they bring them in!

They are a super student,I am pleased that they are with me for food in year 9.

Today we had a test and this student achieved good marks.  This was especially good as I sprung it on them.  I see a good candidate for GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Thank you again for your support.  It is very much appreciated.

November 2021

Feedback from the primary staff who came to visit:

“We had an amazing time touring the school with you and it was lovely to catch up with them” (the students).

October 2021

To Miss Collins,

Thank you for being the best teacher in the world and always inspiring me to do better. You're the reason why I got my passion for textiles and for where I am today. I look forward to every lesson and when you teach me something new.  You can get through anything as you're so determined so never give up no matter what life throws at you as your favourite textiles class is always here for you and they look forward to every lesson as well. 

So thank you for everything Miss !

June 2021

"The students are a credit to you and all the school's staff who work here. It has been exciting to see, the drive, dedication, and prospects that the  school offers to the local community which show how far you have come.

The English Department is a credit to the school, with strong Leadership who continue to create an inclusive and compassionate Team. 
Along with them are a wonderfully supportive and caring group of teachers whose enthusiasm for their subjects seeps out of every pore. 

The students enjoy coming to English and thrive because they know the teachers absolutely want the very best opportunities for them."

May 2021

      I really don't know what to say.  I'm completely lost for words.  [my daughter] was so proud when she was explaining to me about being in the theatre and reading out loud. 
      I just wanted to say thank you to you and to all the year 7 staff for the encouragement you give [my daughter] on a daily basis. 


Learning during lockdown comments

"I want to say thank you for all your effort and hard work which you and all QKA staff is putting in virtual learning during third national lockdown."

"Choosing QKA for my son was my best decision.....

"Really satisfied as my son is in safe hands regarding his study. "

"Thank You to ALL the staff at QKA for all they are doing to support ALL the students in their learning during this lockdown."

"He was really engaged and had good fun "

"Geography with Mrs G is the best lesson , so interactive and exciting"

"really enjoying Maths and History lessons this half term "