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Year 7

The project we do in year 7 is based on the rainforest. The website provided gives a host of fascinating information on the topic and some downloadable information and worksheets if you have access to a printer. (see the student pack)

Use the information above to create a poster that explains aspects of what are the issues affecting the rainforests, and what the consequences might be.

Then produce a short piece of writing entitled ‘ What I could do to help save the rainforest’

Our showmyhomework app will give you access to more specific key word testing and tasks.


Year 8

The project we do in year 8 is based on self portraits. You can try the link above to do a quick quiz on drawing. At home, use a mirror to look closely at your features and produce a series of drawings based on your own face.

Use the above links to write a short biography of your favourite out of these three artists, who all produced lots of portrait work. This should be no less than 200 words.

Our showmyhomework app will give you access to more specific key word testing and tasks.


Year 9

The second project in Year 9 focuses on portrait work. We look at how other artists have approached this topic, then aim to produce work based on our own portraits. I have included some links to use to learn about how some artists in the past have used different approaches to portrait painting/drawing. Use the educationquizzes to test what you know. Write a short paragraph about each art movement (at least 150 words on each). Then produce a detailed drawing of your face. Then use what you have learned about Cubism and Pop Art to produce a picture of yourself in a Cubist style, then again in a Pop art style.


Year 10

In year 10 we look at the work of Japanese artists and how it has changed over the years. We start by researching a collection of artists from the rich Japanese history, then we focus on three in particular. If you have not done so already produce a sheet for each artist that includes a biography of their lives and a collection of pictures that show a good range of their work. Produce a copy of one piece from each artist, then use parts of these three pictures to create a new picture of your own. When you get back to school we will use this design to create a fabric wallhanging.

Towards the end of year 10 we aim to start our year 11 project. This is based on Natural forms and it is intended that we make a corseted top as our end product. Here is the list of suggested artists to look at- Andy Goldsworthy, Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Charles Rennie Macintosh, William Morris, Henri Rousseau, Alexander McQueen, Annemieke Mein, Lesley Richmond, Cas Holmes, Angie Lewin, Ana Teresa Barboza, Cath Kidston. Organise these Names onto a timeline that shows a general idea of when they were alive. Include on your timeline a brief description of what sort of work they produced (i.e. were they painters, sculptors, printers etc.) and a small photo of one of their pieces of work.

Then choose four of these artists. For each one produce a biography and present with it 6-8 pieces of their work. Produce a copy of one piece of each artists’ work.

Now you need to research corset shapes over time. Find some interesting and unusual shapes of corsets from throughout history right up to modern day.

Now you should start to use parts of your earlier artist research copies to develop ideas for decorative corsets using the different shapes you found as your starting point.


Year 11

Coursework- ensure your tick list of missing items is fully completed. The exam planning is exactly the same as for both coursework pieces. There is a tick list for this also. Ensure each section is covered, especially written planning (i.e. statement of intent and sample planning/production planning) otherwise you can lose 4 marks. Here’s the tick list to help you get everything covered        


Context and mind map

Artist research


Statement of intent

Rough design ideas

Design development


Production planning

Final piece



Year 12 and 13

Exam planning. Ensure you have covered the list of sections below.

Context – mind map- mood page-initial thoughts-Artist research (2 at least)- responses to art looked at-Own research (primary sources-i.e. take photos/do drawings from objects/people that may in some way relate to your topic). Trace/draw/chop up and abstract your collected images with some from your chosen artists to come up with some design solutions. Make developments and practice some colourways. Develop a final design and annotate with techniques to be used.

Y13-coursework/essay to help with critiques of artists work, I will upload the scaffolding documents with keywords onto showmyhomework.