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Student Leadership is a vital part of our academy community. Our student leadership team is led by our Head Students.  These are members of our sixth form team and are appointed annually, along with our year team Prefects and tutor representatives. Our student leadership team are an integral part of our school community providing a clear student voice and ensuring we have an understanding and appreciation of our students’ views, concerns, and ideas. They play an important role in many of the decisions made here at Queen Katharine Academy because we understand that the success of our community starts with our students.

Our student leaders play an important part in our transition events as well as other areas of student leadership within and beyond the Academy. Your child will meet some of our student leaders during their Transition days in July and when they start here at Queen Katharine Academy in September.

Our student leadership team represent our values, encouraging students to be good role models and up standers. They model behaviours which encourage respect for each other as well as the importance of showing tolerance and understanding. They are responsible for supporting the younger years as they move through secondary school, helping them settle in, especially in the first few weeks of school. Our team of student mentors play an important role in our young students’ development, providing support and motivation whilst modelling the behaviours we embody at Queen Katharine Academy.

Student Leaders lead by example and are ambassadors for our Academy, showing excellent teamwork, uniform, and punctuality.  They encourage others to be independent, confident individuals and guide students through the steps to success; supporting others in identifying their talents and achieving their goals. Our student leaders inspire students to treat others as they would like to be treated and support others in being able to talk about things that excite or worry them. They allow others to express themselves in a purposeful way – getting them motivated, and introducing them to clubs, events, and activities.

Our student leaders extend throughout our academy, developing working groups for, among other things: diversity, the environment, language leaders, science leaders, safety leaders and the food committee.  Our students have many opportunities to represent the Academy at various events within the Academy, across the city and internationally.


Student Leadership is at the heart of Queen Katharine Academy.

     We appoint new leaders each year - could this be you next year?